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My journey


I grew up in the magical Gothic Castle, Knebworth House, which has inspired my love of Victorian art and my desire to paint beautiful and romantic images. I am eternally grateful for my weird and wonderful family and for all the great memories I have. Images of huge rock festivals, endless movie sets, medieval re-enactments, beautiful antique furniture and paintings have left me with an imagination full of fantasy.



1990: Parts of an American Degree in Painting, Photography and Graphic design at Huron University.
1991: Art Foundation at St Martins School of Art.
1992 - 95: BA Hons degree in 3D Design, Specialising in Metalwork at Middlesex University. A materials based course studying functional design and fine art, with experience in ceramics, glass, wood and metal.
1994: Six months liberating study at Les Ateliers Industrial Design College in Paris (as an Erasmus exchange student).
2001 Awarded a Hatha Yoga teacher training certificate from The International Sivandanda Yoga Vendanta Centre.
2009 Preparing To Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector Diploma from the University of Plymouth.
2010 Trained as a Point Zero Painting teacher at Michele Cassou’s Master Class in San Francisco, USA.


Knebworth Metal works

After University I built my own business, making bespoke furniture in wood, metal and ceramics.


Rosina lytton ltd

I designed and made a range of carved wooden furniture. I spent a few months carving in a factory in Ghana. In December 1998 I had a successful show at the Air Gallery in Dover Street, London.


Marriage &

That career was brought to an end by the birth of my first daughter Lily in 1998. As a single mother I moved to London and worked as a mural artist and Portrait Painter, which I continue to do today. In 2001 I trained as a yoga teacher in the Sivananda Ashram in Canada. I subsequently taught pregnancy yoga twice a week at the Innergy Yoga Centre in North London, until the birth of my second daughter, Sophia in 2004. I had studied hatha yoga at Innergy Yoga Centre with the inspirational Fausto Dorelli since 1998. In 2003 I married his gorgeous, talented son Demian in the rose garden at Knebworth House.


Point Zero Painting & Teaching

In 2001 I went to Easlen in California and studied Point Zero Painting with the wonderful Michele Cassou. Her unique painting process set me on a journey of self-discovery in paint. Compelled to share the enlightening process, I started teaching it as an after-school club in South London and have continued to teach it ever since in classes, workshops and retreats for both adults and children. In 2007 I was awarded a grant from The Rural Outreach Learning Initiative to set up adult Point Zero Painting classes. In 2008/10 I continued teaching it for Cornwall College's outreach department having gained a PTTLS teaching qualifaction. I also taught life drawing for Cornwall Adult Education in 2009/10. In January 2010 I studied with Michele again on her teacher training master class in San Francisco.



I have lived with my family in Cambridge, UK since 2010. I continue to paint portraits and teach in a purpose built studio in my garden.
We spent 2016 -18 exploring the wonders of India, but we are now home again and I am currently studying a PGCE at Cambridge University.