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volunteer work

Much of my life's work has been done as a volunteer in various places around the world. I have worked in schools, local communities and groups, organising events, painting murals and teaching.

Volunteering in schools

Since 2001 I have worked teaching art in both primary and secondary schools in the UK and India. I have supported curriculum teaching, run arts weeks and fund-raising projects.



In 2014 I worked as the art director on a short film made by a local primary school,
I designed and made the costumes, sets and created a short animation.



I have designed and worked on many murals in primary schools, secondary schools and on community projects.


Welcombe Children's Group

From 2006-2010 two mothers and I created the Welcombe Children's Group. We raised money to fund numerous community projects, parties and events.
In 2008 we raised over £15,000 to install a new playground for the children of Welcombe parish.


Arts festival

We created an annual Family Arts Festival in Welcombe village hall.